Yes, there really is a Chef Bonjour. Our founder, Lawrence "Chef" Bonjour (actual name), launched this endeavor to help you celebrate the moments in life that in many ways define the great adventure that it is.


We believe creating quality food experiences is all about honoring people.

Relationships in personal life and business, achievements, and significant events are without question some of the sweetest parts of our lives. Food and gifts are two things common to all of them.

That’s why it’s so important to us to create recipes that rise above the ordinary. Your reason for celebrating is special. Whether it’s for others or yourself, your food gift should be special too.




As artisan craft caramel makers and chocolatiers, we take great pride in presenting you with confections that are made with quality ingredients crafted with care.

Quality ingredients. It starts with using quality, simple ingredients. You can pronounce the names of all our ingredients--and find most of them at a farm. Real butter. Pure Cane Sugar. Real Belgian chocolate. Pure Maple Syrup. But ingredients alone aren’t enough.

Crafted with care. Our recipes are full-flavored confections intentionally created. We craft all our confections in small batches with great attention to detail. Each batch made by hand with you in mind.




My relationship with caramel goes way back.

When I was young, we took frequent trips to Canada to visit family. For the road trip home, my mother had a tradition of giving each one of us kids caramel toffee for our return journey. We looked forward to it every trip. It was only as an adult that I learned mom did that to keep us quiet, so she could have a relaxing trip home! It worked.

Canada is most famous for two things: Hockey and Maple Syrup. A lot of great things come out of Canada, but I’d have to say my mom was the best thing. We source the Maple Syrup for our recipes from Canada to honor her Canadian heritage.

All our caramel and chocolate confections are made with nostalgia and our hope that they will be a part of the memories of those who enjoy them for years to come.




Ethically Sourced Quality Belgian Chocolate

Using true Belgian couverture chocolate is one of the things that sets us apart. You’ll enjoy a luxurious melt and flavor only found in the finest chocolates—even on our drizzled caramel corn. While others use chocolate imitations, we temper high quality real chocolate to create the perfect snap, melt and texture. It’s more expensive and takes more craftsmanship, but it’s worth it…because you are worth it. You’ll taste the difference.

But using a higher grade of quality chocolate is only part of the story. Creating sustainability and caring for the land and farmers is important too. That’s why we source chocolate through organizations that are committed to reinvesting in native cocoa farmers and their communities to help them thrive.




Mackinac Island Inspired Fudge.

I first discovered the allure of quality fudge during the summer I worked on Michigan’s iconic Mackinac Island. The Island took you back to simpler days and as you strolled down Main Street you couldn’t miss the sweet smell of fudge throughout town. It’s my inspiration for our fudge recipes today and I hope you enjoy them as much as my memories of Mackinac!

But Michigan is famous for more than just fudge. Michigan’s Traverse Bay area is known as “The Cherry Capitol of the World.” We source cherries used in our recipes from orchards in the Traverse Bay area of northern Michigan. Named for the region in France where it originated, the Montmorency Cherry offers a beautiful balance of tart and sweet with unparalleled flavor.




Making Life Sweet.

Whether you are enjoying a sweet treat as a gift to yourself or giving them to others, we would love the opportunity to help you celebrate the people and moments that make your life special. We take your trust in us quite seriously and would be honored to serve you by making life just a little sweeter for you and those important to you.